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Mark your calendars for a possibly very important graphic design exhibition event in Singapore dedicated to the art & craft of print.

Over 200 items will be curated to pay homage to the special print techniques and workmanship deployed on these items. Just to name a few: WERK, Amelia and MILKX magazines, Guerillazines for Comme des Garcons, limited edition books by John Clang, fashion invites from Wunderkind as well as works by Stefan Sagmeister, Why Not Associates, Asylum, WORK and Kinetic, and more.

Our Creative Director Yah-Leng will also be speaking at the event along with Junny Saw (AlsoDoMinie), Jonathan Yuen (Roots) and Yong (Somewhere Else/Asylum). Seats are limited, so please sign up

Night & Day Gallery
139C Selegie Road, Singapore 188309
2011 July 23 (Sat) — August 5 (Fri)
Opening hour: 1200 – 1900hrs (Mon – Sat)
Free Admission

2011 July 30 (Sat) / 1200 – 1500hrs
Free Admission

Curator: Yanda / TheArtistAndHisModel in collaboration with AlsoDoMinie
For more info, check out the Official Site.

AIGA 365 Design Effectiveness Winner

Beauty+Brains. LOL+ROI. Smart+Pretty. Street smarts+book smarts.

We are proud to be awarded the  AIGA 365 | Design Effectiveness, an award which exemplifies the most effective current work in communication design  as chosen by a distinguished jury of design peers. The identity project Wanderlust will become part of the AIGA Design Archives, join the physical archives at the Denver Art Museum and will be exhibited in a traveling exhibition that begins at the AIGA National Design Center in New York.



The Space Program

The Space Program: Our new plan to de-corporatize uninspiring corporate environments. Contact our Program Director for more information. And, check out our official GreatSingaporeStore partners here.

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13 Wives

13Wives is the story of 13 ladies and their man behind the bar. This tucked-away specialist little cocktail bar mixes up one of a kind potent concoctions inspired by each of the femme fatale protagonist. These cocktails can be selected from The Little Black Book presented by the mixologist – the man behind the bar. This is his secret rolodex tucked in his back pocket, complete with first dates stories, jot notes of the ladies and mentions of their favorite cocktails. Enjoy the night!

Playground Studio

A re-branding project for a music laboratory with a philosophy that music is part and parcel of life, even a storm breaks out in notes. Business cards and letterheads using ink stamps and recycled color papers easily obtainable at the local stationery stores. They can be printed on a need basis – a truly sustainable and green effort without exercising the printing press.

Featured on Creative Calendar Collection

The Foreign Policy 2009 World Calendar was recently published on Creative Calendar Collection by Basheer Books.

Winner of Brand New Awards

We are stoked to have snagged the 2010 Brand New Awards in the Comprehensive Identity Program category for the wanderlust branding project, alongside with big design names & idols Johnson Banks, Wolff Olins, Mucca Design, RoAndCo, FutureBrand!

Brand New Awards Winner List

How to Grow Your Idea Bank

Good design is seldom complete without a good story. Aesthetics are ephemeral and transient; the only thing with longevity are good ideas. Every designer, in my opinion, should at least be able to write adequately well. Writing helps to develop clarity and frame ideas, it is a process that designers should not shy away from.

Here’s five ways to grow your idea bank:

  1. Read lots of books, of varied genres and subjects. History, Geography, Literature, every kind that you can get your hands on.
  2. Steep yourself deep in culture of past and present; by culture, it also includes music, film, architecture and the arts as well as the way of life of the human race.
  3. Observe & Collect – become a geek of every detail within your panorama, fill your head to the brim with observations.
  4. Experience needs to be lived, it cannot be downloaded. Get out there and try something out.
  5. Quit relying on the computer when you are making a story/idea. What kind of a good idea can it be if you are unable to see, feel or experience the research.

Yah-Leng Yu, Creative Director
An article contributed to The Design Society Journal Issue 2
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Save the Date

The Foreign Policy 2009 World Calendar landed a nice spread and section cover in Save The Date by Victionary.

The Design Society Journal

Wanderlust & The Roof branding/identity projects published on The Design Society Journal Issue 02, plus a five-point tip for growing your ideas bank contributed by our creative director Yah-Leng.

The Design Society

Design Hotels Made by Originals

Fresh from the post today! Wanderlust Hotel & The Waterhouse at South Bund projects in Design Hotels Made by Originals – featuring the driving forces and creative spirits behind the world’s most expressive hotels.

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13 Wives : Posters

Posters for 13 Wives Mixologist Bar.

(Y)ear of the Rabbit

Have a bountiful & bouncy year of the Rabbit~

Andre : Web

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Loysel’s Toy : Web

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13 Wives : Web

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FPO The Best of 2010

Stoked! Table Nº1 picked UnderConsideration/FPO – The Best of 2010.

Asia-Pacific Design No.6

Several of our identity works – Table Nº1, The Waterhouse at South Bund and Yigloo – have been included in this edition of Asia-Pacific Design.

Web Designing November 2010

The Wanderlust Hotel website has been featured in the November issue of Web Designing

Magic Branding

Three of our projects published on Magic Branding.


Branding/Identity/Signage for Wanderlust Hotel

wanderlust as the dictionary defines, is a strong innate desire to travel.

The custom made logotype expresses the feeling of dreaminess, fantasy and the discovery of the surreal landscape of a new world. The dash lines evoke the impulse to join the lines, as with the impulse to travel. The act of joining the lines is also analogous with the marking of lines from point to point, as with what a traveler would do on his map to plan/track his route. The airmail tricolor band is synonymous with traveling and correspondence – the conveyance of the emotions and thoughts kindled during a journey via mail.

Various forms of ephemerals and keepsakes experienced during a journey were carefully studied, considered and deployed onto the collateral set. Bus ticket for rate cards; air ticket for brochure inserted into an Air-ticket Wallet; notebook aptly named ITINERARY as a multi-purpose room-directory/guide book/journal for the guests, etc.



Branding/Identity design for French restaurant Cocotte at the Wanderlust Hotel which is located in the fascinating Little India neighborhood in Singapore. The food is unpretentious home-style cooking in communal sharing portions. The Cocotte logo takes its inspiration from old-style local French eateries and hand-painted signage. Rough-looking weathered menu boards with newsprint menus to further convey the simplicity, the down-to-earth and unpretentious personality.

Grab some cork business cards if you swing by.

The Roof

The identity of The Roof bar is very much inspired by wheatpaste-glued posters on the streets of old Shanghai back in the days plus elements from the current architecture of the hotel. We deployed the idea of the vintage newspaper adhering to recycled wood for the menu with a wheatpaste-like glue. The use of the wood takes cue from the hotel’s windows and wood decks of the rooftop – which are wood reused from these 1930s old buildings & warehouses in Shanghai.

Look out for the hand-made business cards ~

Wanderlust : Web

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UnderConsideration / FPO Feature

Table Nº1 featured on UnderConsideration/FPO.

ShareSomeCandy Feature

Our workspace on ShareSomeCandy

MinimalSites Feature

This site was Editor Picked for Minimal Sites.

The Waterhouse at South Bund : The Collaterals

The brand identity is based on the concept of DUALITY. Shanghai has a DUALITY persona in almost every aspect of its DNA. There are art deco old historic buildings on one side of the bund, and across the bund, there are cutting edge skyscrapers; ballroom dancers practicing their routines next to older people doing their Taiji in the morning. Hence the identity is designed having the ability to an ‘IN & OUT’, ‘BLACK & WHITE’, reversible concept – aptly reflecting the architectural design intent of inside out, outside in.

Another layer of the identity development pays tribute to the Waterhouse as a former warehouse. The graphic profile of the identity was built in squares to mimic the stacking and storage of cargo and goods. This identity has to be global and internationally appealing, it should be work as well in Shanghai or Berlin.

Cocotte : Web

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Innolab : Branding & Ecommerce Website

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Table Nº1

Branding/Identity Design of Table Nº1 – Shanghai’s first gastro-bar that serves up tapas-style modern European cuisine. It is set in a sleek and simplistic interior which encourages social interaction by sharing portions over a long communal table.

The brand identity is based on the restaurant’s focus on communal dining in a very simple and unpretentiousness environment, that explains the use of brown kraft paper & newsprint paper throughout the collateral system. Since the long communal tables in the restaurant are the central theme, the business card is designed to be a little table when folded up. Basic folder with clips are used for the menu. The distressed and rusted look of the clips is to align with its history of the location of this former warehouse. Order pads are created from newsprint papers that the staff can convenient stamp the restaurant logo on.

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Design Licks: Site of the Day

Raoul website awarded Site of the Day by DesignLicks

Yigloo : Identity

Yogurt Store Branding & Identity Design

Yigloo : Interior

Yogurt Store Interior Graphics, Menu and Uniform Design

The Waterhouse at South Bund

Branding & Identity Development for luxury boutique hotel in Shanghai due to open April 2010.

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APEC Showcase : Connectivity Information Graphics

A [+0] x Foreign Policy Design Group installation at the APEC 2009 Singapore Showcase

APEC Showcase : Furniture Industry Information Graphics

A [+0] x Foreign Policy Design Group installation at the APEC 2009 Singapore Showcase


Branding and packaging design for iPhone accessories label.

Alan Lim Studio

A minimalistic site for fashion photographer Alan Lim.
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Featured on:
Folio Focus

Fashion Asia Mobile App

We were commissioned to work on Fashion Asia – the first fashion mobile app from Asia that was launched with the new Nokia N97 mini phones. The successful launch has since gained an even larger traction for both the Raoul and Nokia brands.

Raoul Spring/Summer 2010

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Featured on:
Design Charts

Design Defined : The Blank Novels

Define Design/Design Defined was a guerilla movement with the intent to educate and enrich the everyday layman about design. We collaborated with Design Linguist to create various forms of interventions to be inserted at different public locations. 100 limited edition hand-made blank books which say “This novel is like design without a process…it has no content”, were inserted to the shelves of major book stores and the library around town.

The Foreign Policy 2009 Calendar

The idea for this self-promo piece is to communicate the existence and arrival to the new country, Singapore from New York City leveraging on the design group’s name “Foreign Policy”. A blend of concepts of current affairs, political affairs, maps, the world and the leaders, is used as content on the piece.

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